While working on various projects in our community it became evident that many of the children in our adopted schools did not own a school uniform. The Kit-a-Kid initiative was born from this need: through donations and fundraising, children are supplied with a complete school uniform.

Through Kit-a-Kid, Eco Children has supplied over 2,000 children with new uniforms, instilling a sense of self-worth and pride. Not only does this enable them to attend school but the ultimate goal is to empower them by improving their self-confidence and self-worth by taking pride in both their appearance and their work.


A donation of just R300 buys a child in need a school uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts or dress, a jersey, shoes and socks.

By providing children with something as simple as a school uniform you encourage them to not only take pride in their work but also their appearance. A new uniform – for some the only new set of clothes they’ve ever owned – increases self-confidence and self-worth and takes away the worry of whether or not they’ll be able to attend school tomorrow.

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