Our Projects

Teacher Training

In order to ensure the sustainability of our initiatives we work with teachers at regular capacity building workshops. We aim to help them understand the importance of their subjects and show them better teaching techniques.

Maths capacity building

South African learners are not on par with the rest of the world when it comes to math skills.

We have been presenting maths capacity building workshops to build a true understanding of the subject amongst teachers.

By empowering their transfer of knowledge, it will have a positive effect on their learners’ understanding of maths.

Early Childhood Development

We present workshops for educators working with learners younger than 8 years old. We teach them fun learning methods to ensure critical gross and fine motor skills development of these youngsters.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Develop children’s hand-eye coordination and physical skills
  • Learn social skills
  • Teach them respect for authority and to control their emotions