About us

How We Work

In order to have a sustainable impact on the quality of education provided at the school and on the communities, we follow a bottom-up, holistic approach.

1. We support schools

We partner with schools who have a strong leadership and community involvement.

2. We practice eco education

We establish an Eco Village consisting of an Eco Garden, where children maintain several keyhole vegetable gardens, and an Eco Classroom dedicated to environmental and sustainability education.

3. We build infrastructure

As the non-fee-paying schools we work with have little funds to maintain or build infrastructure, we make sure the basics such as bathrooms, running water and the kitchen, are in working order.

4. We develop a reading culture

Once the basics are covered, we work on establishing a library at the school to promote a reading culture and improve literacy.

5. We teach the teachers

We run capacity building workshops for teachers to ensure the most important skills are taught: early childhood development and maths.

6. We award bursaries

We identify talented learners who need a little help to achieve great things.

7. We reward learners

We reward our top performing learners with school uniforms, educational hampers and annual winners’ excursions.

8. We serve our community

We serve our community by allowing volunteers to make a real impact in the time they spend with us.